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  1. Thanks for a recipe I'll be using this week! I have a pound of cod in the freezer – kept looking at it and wondering what to do with it! Now I know!

  2. Fried fish {& chips} is huge in SA, but I don't make it that often as we have a Seafood takeaway 5 minutes away from us {and they deliver!} Pinned your recipe because it looks delish and easy {and we don't really have the "resources" for ordering takeaways now ;-)}

  3. Looks delicious! To me, the key ingredient here is the yellow cornmeal! We had a fish fry earlier this summer and my husband wanted to purchase the bagged seasoning but I talked him into making his own. In the first batch, he accidentally used white cornmeal and after he remade it using the yellow, you could definitely tell the difference!

  4. Hahaha…I prefer my fish without bones as well! I would have done the same thing 🙂 Even when we caught our own fish, my Dad made it no longer look like a fish before it hit the table.

  5. I could eat fried fish til the cows come home. You don't know how much I want to dig into that plate of fish! The first time I had fried fish at my in laws' house, they fried the whole dang thing, bones, fins, tail…everything but the head. I was like "what the heck?" And they ate their fish with yellow mustard instead of tartar sauce (one of my life's loves). Again, "what the heck?" It's all good though. Great plan to stall and get some recon going on! You are one smart lady! Thank you for linking, Jamie.

  6. Girl I'm sending my 5 yo over to your place! You just cooked the meal this mama can't cook…well now I'm going to have to! He would love the "crunchies" like he calls them! Thank you for sharing and pinning of course to my Happy Meal Box board!

  7. I love fried fish but I've never really had luck making it at home. I really want to try your recipe, but I'll have to wait for a cooler day. I don't have AC and frying things right now doesn't sound too appealing!

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