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  1. Oh, wow this looks amazing, Jamie ! Pinned πŸ˜‰ By firmer, do you mean it was too dry to roll up tightly? I made something similar before and found the Tortillas "rolled" better when I heated them in the microwave for a few seconds.

    • We used the filling on lefse instead of tortillas as we are always looking for gluten-free options for my middle daughter who has Crohn's. It was amazing. It's our new favorite way to eat lefse. We spread this in a layer on the lefse and rolled them up.
      Thank you for this excellent recipe!

    • use a pkg of knox unflavored gelatin (diluted in about 1/2 cup water) when you cream the cream cheese and pumpkin or sweet potato. after folding in the whipped cream, chill it for about 3 hours. it will be firm enough to slice.

    • add a pkg of prepared knox unflavored gelatin when creaming the cream cheese and pumpkin or sweet potato. then fold in the whipped cream. chill it for about 3 hours, it will firm enough to slice!

  2. These look amazing just as they are.

    I once made beef filled tortillas for a school fundraiser with a woman who is Mexican. She said that the trick was to mix seasonings with a little water, dip the tortillas, stick them in a fry pan briefly, flip over, then remove and fill. It did make them a little firmer. I wonder if you dipped these in some melted butter mixed with cinnamon and sugar and fried them briefly if you'd get the same results?

  3. These remind me of the cannolis we had just this past weekend only yummier because of the pumpkin! Couldn't you shape and then fry the tortilla like you would a cannoli and then fill? I'm drooling just thinking of it!! Pinned no matter what cuz the filling looks amazing!

  4. Looks yummy as always! You are the one who introduced me to the dessert challenge, and I'm so glad I participated this month! Thanks so much for this awesome post, and your awesome blog!

  5. Jamie these look so professional and drool-worthy!
    Not sure what you meant by firmer. Are you referring to when you try to cut them they squish? What if you put them in the freezer for about 20 minutes then serve?
    Spatulas On Parade

  6. What a great idea for a dessert, your Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Burrito look fabulous! Hope you are having a fun weekend and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Miz Helen

  7. Jamie I want to feature this post on Sat. It will be a paragraph written by me with your pic and of course a link to here. Is that ok with you? I hope so πŸ™‚ Thanks for linking up with me πŸ™‚

  8. Jaime you know I'm not a pumpkin lover but let me tell you…I might have just changed my mind after seeing this recipe! Oh My Word…it looks delicious…I want to say using less whip cream but really who wants to sacrifice whip cream for a firmer texture, lol…not me! lol I think is perfect the way it is! Thank you so much for sharing at the Fluster Buster party and good luck with the challenge!, Lizy party co host

  9. This recipe looks great! I was half expecting them to be rolled in something other than a tortilla but it sure looks delish. And tortillas really are so versatile. The caramel drizzle is calling my name πŸ™‚

  10. Dear Jamie, This look so pretty with the brown sugar and caramel drizzle. I would never think of using tortillas…I'm bet these were wonderful. Blessings, Catherine

  11. Holy Cow Jamie… these look so delicious! Pinned & Tweeted while I was here tonight πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your link at the Tuesday Boost!

    Shauna @ The Best Blog Recipes

  12. This would be much more fussy, but I would roll the tortilla's up around a mold or something, dip them in butter, then top with the cinnamon sugar mixture and bake them in the oven until they got crispy and the sugar caramelized a little bit. Let cool, then fill with the filling.

  13. I use a 2" round wooden towel sanded it down cut it into 5" long wrap the small tortillas wrap them around the wooden dowel and bake for about 5 mins on 350 then put the cream cheese filling into a plastic bag and clip the corner off and fill each tortilla wrap then and the topping

  14. Use a Comal (griddle) to get a nice soft browning on the tortilla without making it stale like a nuking in the microwave. If you have access to a pizelle iron you could roll them around a french rolling pin. Or bake layers of phylo around a tube and pipe the mixture into the baked phylo

  15. Use a Comal (griddle) to get a nice soft browning on the tortilla without making it stale like a nuking in the microwave. If you have access to a pizelle iron you could roll them around a french rolling pin. Or bake layers of phylo around a tube and pipe the mixture into the baked phylo

  16. What if…..instead of flour tortillas you used square Wonton wrappers? I'm thinking roll like an egg roll, spray with vegetable spray and coat with cinnamon sugar — then a quick bake until crisp and brown. The carmel sauce becomes the dipping sauce……oh yum!

  17. I would make them with egg crepes that had cinnamon added to the batter instead of tortillas! And for those interested in lower carb use real whipping cream and coconut sugar.

  18. If you are wanting to add some crunch to the outside, I was thinking of frying them in a little butter and turn to make sure that all the side get browned or you could always try deep frying them. But if you were talking of making it easier to stuff them, putting the shells in the microwave, wrap them in some damp paper towels and put them in for about 50 seconds to a minute depending on your microwave. But they look awesome and I can't wait to try the recipe. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us..

  19. I have made these before, but with a plain cheesecake filling. I fill the tortillas and roll like a burrito (closed ends) then lightly fry to crisp and warm. This makes them sturdier and able to hold up to the cherry pie filling and whipped cream we put on top and the vanilla ice cream on the side! We call them fried cheesecake! I cannot wait to try this pumpkin version!!!

  20. I have made these before, but with plain cheesecake filling. I roll the tortilla like a burrito (closed ends) and lightly fry. This makes them warm, crispy and sturdy enough to hold up to the cherry pie filling, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream we serve with them! We call them fried cheesecake. Cannot wait to try this pumpkin version!!!

  21. Try doing the filling first after you roll it up put a couple of tooth picks in it drop it in a 350 degree fryer and then add topping my kids like them this way.

  22. This reminds me of the snickers burritos we make. Wrap a small snicker bar in a flour tortilla, secure with a tooth pick…deep fry until golden them top with ice cream. Could problem do the same with these.

  23. When I make chimichangas I like to use the premade but uncooked flour tortillas and then I stuff and fry them. I wonder if you could do the same here? Roll them up chimichanga style with the ends closed up rather than open and then drop fry on each side in a skillet. Then they would be easy to roll up and would get nice and crispy like a bunuelo! Then they would be dessert chimichangas I guess or maybe stuffed bunuelos!

  24. How about a quick flash in a skillet with some butter to brown the tortillas a little without melting the filling? Just a thought. They look amazing.

  25. If you are seeking crispy golden brown tortilla, make it into burritos and deep fry the buggers! It's called a xango, aka deep fried cheesecake! Use a large 10-12" tortilla, fill, tuck in the ends before rolling up, secure with egg wash, freeze for a little while until firm, then deep fry it. The tortilla gets amazingly crisp, the inside gets warm, and the presentation is amazing. Google search xango cheesecake and you'll see what I mean.

    • You can't bake Cool Whip – it would melt and make a mess. I think you'd have to prebake the tortillas as suggested in other posts, or go with Phyllo, Puff Pastry, or crepes.

  26. The trick to making the tortillas "firmer" as you referred to it, is to heat each one individually on both sides. I use a "comal" or any flat pan could work. Heating the tortillas keep them from breaking apart when you roll them up and makes it much easier to do so. Thanks for an awesome pumpkin recipe, I am definitely trying it out

  27. Just a thought…philo dough for 'tortillas' maybe could bake around something like canolli's and fill with the cheesecake…the philo dough would allow for cin & sugar…firm, crispy…sounds fantastic to me!!

  28. Scheduling for taco night this week…yummmm! I think I'm going to try rolling the ends in though to completely seal in the filling, then fry it like a fried beef burrito. I rarely fry ANYthing, but this begs to ignore anything healthy!! Then sprinkle the spices while still warm n moist from the fryer, drizzle and serve warm. Yep…may make tomorrow night taco night! Thanks for sharing!!!

  29. Sounds delicious.
    I use tortillas frequently and heat them in a frying pan (no oil) for 20 seconds or so each side. The timing depends on what I'm using it for. Hope this helps

  30. You mentioned making the tortillas a little more firm before filling. Try baking the a little bit before hand! You will have to experiment with temp and time in the over to get the desired firmness you want.

  31. Yep – I was going to suggest cannoli shells. Or perhaps there's a way of "flash frying" them? Like the way they do fried ice cream? Freeze them and then dip 'em in the fryer?? Regardless…they sound way yummy!

  32. This looks really good and I plan on trying it out. Th eonly thing I would add is first warming the tortillas in a pan to make them flexible. Than after in the same pan before putting sugar and cinnamon on top I would first heat the filled/rolled enchiladas in the butter and than cover in the sugar/cinnamon mixture. I already make a similar easy dessert using flour tortillas,chocolate,bananas,powdered sugar and cream cheese(like a quesadilla) this way but I'm sure rolling would work too.

  33. This looks incredible! I think I might try rolling them with ends folded in so the filling is completely enclosed, and then baking them for 10 minutes or so to make them crispy before drizzling with sauce.

  34. Sorry if this is a repeat. Perhaps making this lovely dessert in a burrito style w/ folded ends and then lightly deep fried to a golden brown. Another option would be to use wonton wrappers and do the same. OR place wonton wrappers in a cupcake pan, lightly spray pan and wrappers, bake to a golden brown. Once cooled fill baked wrappers w/ filling, dust and drizzle. Thanks this amazing recipe. It will be perfect for Thanksgiving!

  35. I made this dish last week for a family event. While the filling tasted amazing, the tortillas were lacking. The filling is very light and airy so when you tried to cut into the uncooked tortilla it pushed it all out. Next time I'm using Philo dough or crescent rolls. Thanks for the idea!

  36. Made these for yrs using cream cheese, sugar, and touch of vanilla with brown sugar cinnamon on top. Fill flour tortillas with mixture u like and roll like a burrito. Freeze 2 hrs then fry in a skillet with coconut oil till golden. They have a nice crisp texture and are super yummy! Coconut oil is super good for u too. First ate these at an Applebees 10+ yrs ago.

  37. I was thinking that if you rolled the tortillas up and then secured them with toothpicks, fried them and then rolled them in cinnamon & sugar right away, that they would taste great and would be the firmness you wanted.

  38. When make enchiladas, or breakfast burritos, I put a tiny dab of butter in a hot skillet, then lightly brown each tortilla (both sides) before filling them. I put another dab of butter in before each tortilla, then cook until starts bubbling, then flip it. The tortillas have a better flavor and texture.

  39. The way we've done them to firm them up is to roll them burrito style & then freeze them overnight. The next day (or when ready to serve) drop them in hot grease & fry until golden brown. Let them stand on paper towels a moment to absorb excess grease then add desired topping. This way we can also have just one & save some for later, or make the whole batch! πŸ˜€ Hope that helps!

  40. Roll out filo sheets, cut in half, keep covered with damp tea towel, layer each sheet brushed with butter and sprinkled with standard brown sugar and cinnamon mixture, roll up on over-sized metal desert tubes and make bake until crisp, let cool and fill with cream cheese mixture using pastry bag drizzle with caramel sauce, I make them often they are great!

  41. I was just thinking. I read all of the comments made, and not once did I see anyone suggest using a Pizzelle cookie as the crust!! Curl the cookie as soon as it comes out of the iron, while it's still soft & flexible. OR…if you were really in a time crunch, you could always use a Waffle Cone for the filling, instead of for ice cream!!

  42. I'm wondering if you add an egg or two to the filling if you could bake them in a baking dish like we do regular enchiladas. Then the tortillas or crepes would crisp up, plus the filing would be firmer like cheesecake, as well…

  43. I'm wondering if you put an egg or two into the pumpkin and cream cheese before mixing and folding in the cool whip, using crepes, then baking them in a baking dish like we do with enchiladas would be good. The filing would get a little firmer, like cheesecake, and the creeps would get crispy. You could put the caramel sauce on before or after baking, either way would be good.

  44. I made your recipe as part of a 2-dessert combo for a larger-than-normal New Year family brunch & admit to some personal preference modifications. I added sml bits of dried cranberries to the filling mix, skipped the topping & just put caramel sauce on the table as an option. It was to-die-for good & well-rec'd by our guests. I made a lot of holiday recipes this yr for us & for food gifts, but this one is prob my favorite of them all. Would you allow me the liberty of sharing this recipe on I would of course give you credit for the recipe & heaps of praise for it.

    • Sorry for the late reply! I'm so glad it was enjoyed! Feel free to share one picture with a link back to this post for the recipe. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  45. To make the tortilla shells firmer, what I usually do when I make my chicken enchiladas I put them in a dry pan on medium Heat until the air bubbles start to form and it gets a little toasty but not too toasty cuz you still want to be able to roll them just a few seconds on each side until it puffs up and then you roll it with your filling, you could also toast it in the pan after it’s already rolled a few seconds on each side will give it a good crunch. I hope that helps.

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