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  1. Happy SITS Day! I hope it is a great one for you! We don't eat a lot of fish, either, but I do enjoy a well-prepared fish. I may have to try my hand at some fish/shrimp dishes for my hubby sometimes since he loves them. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh Jamie! It looks delicious I love Tilapia! Its funny because growing up I never had frozen fish or seafood. I didn't know what was that at all because obviously I lived in a country as small as an island and surrounded by 2 oceans but when I got to the US, well finding fresh seafood when you don't live anywhere near an ocean is close to impossible. I miss the good old fresh days and would love to go in a tasting adventure with you. I bet we would have a blast! lol…have you ever eaten sea urchin? Ha! hugs girl, Lizy

  3. My mom makes something like this too. I love it. It isn't often that you see tomatoes with fish, but I like that combo. And olives are always good in my book. Thanks for linking up!

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