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  1. OMG!! I cook hamburger and rice with gravy all the time, but to add an egg (fried) on the side!! This just made my world!! I am going to have to try this as soon as I get all moved and settled…I'm getting hungry now just thinking about it!!

  2. Jamie, we kept seeing all sorts of signs for loco moco in Hawaii this summer but we were never brave enough to try. I might just have to make some at home to see how it goes. I can see why surfers loved this meal–totally filling and inexpensive!

  3. the gravy sucks me in…and for sure a runny egg 🙂 I love that you had exposure to all kinds of people as a kid. I wish there was a bit more diversity around here for my kids. We'll just have to get rich quick and travel the world instead I guess.

  4. Seriously I need to install you in my kitchen! Between you and Linda I'd be fat but very happy lol. I grew up with lots of Italian and Greek friends they hated that they at different o the "Aussie" kids but I never turned down a dinner invite. I think their mums gave me a good appreciation of food. This looks yum, I think I would do sunny side up I like unny eggs.

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