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Friday, April 25, 2014

Hot & Dirty Stuffed Peppers

Hi ya'll! I'm Jessica from All She Cooks, a Southern transplant living and blogging in the Midwest. I'm really from all over, having been a Navy brat my first few years, and then later an Air Force wife. Now... I'm the wife to an Air National Guard hubby whose civilian career planted us near Madison, Wisconsin. We love it here!

I'm thrilled to be a new contributor on Love Bakes Good Cakes. You all know that Jamie is just wonderful, but let me tell you all something... she is an awesome blogging friend to have. Jamie is one of my go-to-gals when I have a question about whats working to monetize my blog, how to have great format for foodie blog posts to drive more traffic to my website and so much more. If you're a blogger and haven't started analyzing other blogs to see what is working for them, it's really worth the effort.

Enough of my chit-chat!

Hot & Dirty Stuffed Peppers 

  • Look for me the 4th Friday of each month here on Love Bakes Good Cakes, where I'll be sharing a new recipe creation.This month, I'm starting you all off with my Hot & Dirty Stuffed Peppers.... because we all need something hot & dirty in our lives, right?  Oh come on ladies- I'm talking cooking!

hot and dirty stuffed peppers

You'll find me mostly cooking up recipes that are EASY for anyone to make. I like simple. I'm not a fancy gal, and I like to keep things super simple in the kitchen. Except my messes, and those get quite extravagant!

hot and dirty stuffed peppers

 Really, the fewer ingredients, the better... in my opinion. Recently, I've been experimenting with some recipes that really don't even require seasoning because its all done with the heat of peppers. You know what they say, 'If you don't like the heat, get out of the kitchen'.

Well, these Hot and Dirty Stuffed Peppers aren't so piping hot that you have to have a gallon of water on hand. Not even close. But they are hot. And as with anything else in life, feel free to add more spice. Seriously... my husband has taken to having a side of sliced jalapenos with every meal! Now... I wouldn't go that far, but to each their own.

I love how there are SO many variations on stuffed peppers.  Jamie even took it a step further with her Stuffed Pepper Soup!  Can you say, 'YUM!'?

How do you spice things up in your kitchen?

hot and dirty stuffed peppers


Hot and Dirty Stuffed Peppers
Recipe Type: Dinner
Author: Jessica- All She Cooks
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 6
  • 4-6 bell peppers (combination of colors, or choice)
  • 1 pound spicy Italian sausage, browned
  • 3 cups cooked rice
  • 1 can Rotel (I used original)
  • Mozzarella cheese (optional, grated over top)
  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Mix together browned sausage, cooked rice and Rotel.
  3. Wash bell peppers. Cut tops off of them and scoop out seeds.
  4. Stuff rice and sausage mixture into bell peppers. Place in oven-safe casserole and bake for 15-20 minutes. Add grated Mozzarella cheese to top of stuffed peppers and bake for an additional 3-5 minutes.
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  1. Looks delicious! :) I love a good stuffed pepper!

  2. Saw you on the Busy monday link up..I haven't eaten or made a stuffed pepper in a really long time..I might have to give this a go. Thanks for sharing

  3. Definitely caught me with the title - had to pop in to see what you stuffed your with. :) I love stuffed peppers, and although I grew up eating mostly stuffed green peppers, I think the red is my favorite now. I'm usually stuffing tomatoes and zucchini at the same time as the peppers. Haven't had them in a while though, so thanks for the reminder! [#TastyTuesdays]

  4. Sounds delicious and simple. I love stuffed peppers and this is a great meal that is quick to put together. Your husband sounds a lot like mine. He always likes sliced (raw) jalapenos with many meals and for most stir fries he adds a lot of extra sriracha. When I make Indian food I give him a side of extra hot chilli powder to sprinkle on top. I like spicy and can handle quite a bit, but what I can handle he barely thinks is hot. Seen n Tasty Tuesday. Pinning.

  5. Looks like a great dish. Thanks for linking up to Sweet and Savoury Sunday, stop by and link up again. Have a great weekend!!


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