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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Update - Mexican Pinto Bean Casserole

Another day and another update for y'all! This time, I've updated the picture of my Mexican Pinto Bean Casserole. I think beans have to be one of the hardest things to take pictures of ...... they just don't help themselves in pictures, ya know? I also hate taking pictures of rice ...... they never look "right" to me.

Mexican Pinto Bean Casserole before and after Collage

Needless to say, this was another case where I thought the original picture needed some help. I won't even tell you what I think the first picture looks like to me - let's just say it rhymes with "comet." I think that original picture didn't do this dish justice at all. It really is a tasty and easy meatless dish - and it's very economical - the picture just left a lot to be desired! I can't imagine anyone looking at that first plate and saying, "I want some of that" ..... and for anyone who looked beyond the picture and pinned it or tried it based off the ingredients, I appreciate it! :)

I have actually posed that question - how important are pictures when determining whether to try a recipe or not - to my readers. I would say there was about a 60/40 split - with 60% of my readers saying that pictures are indeed important ..... the other 40% mostly based their opinion on the ingredients list or ease of preparation.

Mexican Pinto Bean Casserole3

I'm hoping that by revamping the picture for this dish, it will bring it some new interest - maybe the 60% who may not have given this dish a second thought with that horrible picture, will look at this one and at least give it a second chance! ;) If you'd like to get the recipe, you can find the original post HERE.

I hope you enjoy! Shared at these fun parties!

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  1. I find casserole style dishes in general are difficult to photograph. They aren't too pretty to begin with and then staging them...oh boy. I love the way you've set this up with the salad and casserole dish. Looks great! Thanks for linking!

  2. I love pinto beans and I love that you gave them their own feature with this dish! I'm visiting today from Let's Get Social Sunday :) LOL at the rhyme. ;) This pic looks great!


  3. That looks terrific. I know my family will love this one. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. You had me at Pinto Beans. I'm a Southern Girl. (Well I'm from Texas and it's in the Southwest.) Anyhow, Pinto Beans are one of our go-to meals. This recipe sounds delish and I can't wait to try it. Stopping by from Memories By The Mile link up party. Thanks for sharing. <3 Kim

  5. Oh, I am definitely going to try this recipe. We're trying to stretch the food budget (isn't everyone? LOL) and I need more tasty bean recipes (hard to tempt hubby with these, he's a hard line "give me meat, forget about that beans and rice malarkey" kind of guy...)

  6. Jamie, this looks so good I wish I'd made it for dinner....or, that you had made it and invited me over! LOL
    This post got a lot of attention on this week's hop. It is one of our most viewed but guess which post was MOST viewed? You got it. Your Snickerdoodle Cupcakes! See you Wednesday. ;)
    Ducks ‘n a Row


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