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  1. Jamie, honestly speaking, though there is not much pumpkin in Singapore, pumpkin become all over the blogs, pinterest, facebook recipes and etc.. I believed I have to refrain to make my pumpkin jam for the time being. The cookies looks good and I like soft cookies. Cheers and have a nice day.

  2. These cookies (and the frosting!) look great Jamie. I totally agree about loving to be able to have pumpkin. I am a pumpkin lover. I actually stock up on the pumpkin spice k-cups while they are out so I can have them all year round! In the summer I just brew over ice!

  3. Hi there! I saw this on Pinterest and was excited to make them. I used sprouted wheat flour, so it tastes a little more "healthy" than the original recipe intended, but the texture and frosting are great. Anyway, I noticed two things in the frosting section when making them: it doesn't specify in ingredients how much cinnamon goes into the frosting, and the directions don't mention when to add in the brown sugar (I didn't notice until the last step but assume it was supposed to go in with the browned butter?). Just thought you might want to update the recipe. I'll be happy to make these again next time I have extra pumpkin sitting around. 🙂

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