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  1. Looks delicious, Jamie! Pinned 🙂 Seafood restaurants are one of our favorites, but we tend to over order because there are just so much to choose from which I never make at home {Tried making Lobster Thermidor once.. ugh, did not end well!}

  2. Thanks for posting this! We don't go to Red Lobster often either, mostly because of the cost as well. A student budget, unfortunately, doesn't allow for dining out often. Their biscuits are B's absolute favourite thing at Red Lobster. I can't wait to make these myself!!!

  3. I'm a huge biscuit fan and I so enjoy making copycat recipes. Thanks for sharing RL biscuits recipe. I never venture out to Red Lobster but I will definitely make biscuits at home.

    Thanks for sharing this Jamie,
    Joanne/WineLady Cooks

  4. Dear Jamie, I'll be honest that was the only reason I ever enjoyed going to Red Lobster! …but like you, it just got too expensive with the family and friends. Besides, I like dining at home anyway. Love how these biscuits are easy to make…they look delicious! Found you through Marvelous Mondays. Blessings, Catherine xo

  5. Oh my goodness these look so good! I love the Red Lobster biscuits (I could literally go there for dinner JUST for those!!!) and yours sound just as good!!!! I'll have to try these at home sometime!!! Thanks for sharing, they look fabulous!!!!!

  6. I've never been to Red Lobster, but I do know that these biscuits are spoken of highly. They sound so good. I could probably make a meal out of them. I'm going to start calling you the Bisquick Queen! Thanks for linking!

  7. Thank you for this, Jamie! 🙂 My entire family LOVES these biscuits! I am definitely going to have to try your recipe soon.

    Thank you for sharing at Marvelous Mondays this week!

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