Cannoli Cones

Prep Time 30 mins Cook Time Serves 10     adjust servings

Skip all the fuss needed with traditional cannoli. Try these easy to make Cannoli Cones instead. A simple sugar cone filled with sweet, creamy ricotta filling.


  • 2/3 cup mini semisweet chocolate chips
  • 10 sugar ice cream cones
  • 1 lb. full-fat ricotta cheese, drained with a cheesecloth
  • 3/4 cup dark chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • Additional dark chocolate chips, for decoration


  1. Melt dark chocolate chips and dip wide opening of cones in melted chocolate. Place cones facedown on a parchment paper lined pan until chocolate is hardened.
  2. With a hand mixer on medium speed, beat ricotta cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract until combined. Add 3/4 cup mini chocolate chips.
  3. Transfer to a piping bag with a large tip. Pipe cannoli mixture into each cone. Add additional chocolate chips on top of the cannoli filling, for decoration. 
  4. Serve.


Recipe Notes

Swap out pistachios for the chocolate chips for an equally decadent treat!

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