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Friday, April 28, 2017

Weekend Project - Front Porch Update

EASY weekend project - It's simple to add a colorful update to a drab front porch!


sit back and relax

We've officially lived in Arizona for just over four years know. As much as I love living here, there is one thing I have noticed .... pretty much everything in the desert is brown. Like the extent of our color schemes are drab brown, mud brown, sand brown, desert brown .... you get the idea.


I know, I know ... that should come as no surprise. And as much as I love neutral colors, sometimes, I feel like you should live life on the edge and throw some color into the picture.

A few weeks ago, I told Brian that I wanted to make our front porch more colorful. I'm tired of looking at all of the shades of brown. As you can see, we had some brown and light orangish-brown chairs with a table out front, but it never really made a statement - and if it did, it told people that boring people lived here.

No bueno.

As a Florida girl who has spent most of my life up and down the East coast, I told Brian that I was really thinking of adding some Adirondack chairs to the front porch. I have always wanted some - and he agreed that they would add the perfect touch to our front porch!



I love to shop online and after scrolling through lots and lots of patio furniture, I found the perfect chairs on Wayfair. Brian put two of these Adirondack chairs together in just a couple hours and my two teenage boys painted them for me.


Of course, every job needs a supervisor (or two!) and these two were more than willing to help! 😊 They were also the official plant waterer people.



After getting the chairs, I decided the porch needed some more color, so I bought a few plants to add a nice pop of color. I also added a few throw pillows to the chair. The teal pillows were an obvious choice for me - and I absolutely had to have the striped pillows! I am still on the lookout for a new doormat that has teal and red in it - I hope I find one soon!

I love how much more inviting our front porch looks now - and our neighbors have even commented on how nice it looks! I'm thinking about buying a few more chairs to put out by the pool - it looks like we have another weekend project in store soon! 😉

Just an FYI - You can find the Adirondack chairs and the striped pillows on Wayfair!


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  1. Well done, Jamie ! I love your porch's new look, so fresh and definitely the opposite of "boring"!


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