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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Freedom Fridays with All My Bloggy Friends - The Last One.

Freedom Fridays Gray Chevron PARTY

It is with great sadness that Evelyn and I are announcing the end of Freedom Fridays. We have both come to a point in our blogging life where something has to give in order to make time for other things we want or need to pursue.

I can't speak for Evelyn, but I know I need to refocus on some things. Number one being learning how to take a break from blogging from time to time .... I feel like lately, life has just been passing me by. My kids are growing up too fast and my blog has become my life. In addition, I have a few health issues that need to be addressed. Other than a few posts here and there, you may have noticed that I have been largely absent from the blog and posting lately. I have taken some time away from the blog and social media so I could evaluate what my next steps are. As much as Evelyn and I hate seeing Freedom Fridays go, we both know it is the best choice for us both at this point in time. I'm hoping to be back up and running in whatever my new capacity will be in July. I hope you'll stick around and join us for whatever the future holds!

We have enjoyed having each and every one of you stop by and party with us - and we are so fortunate to call you our friends! Just as we have enjoyed your posts here on Freedom Fridays, our readers have enjoyed seeing your recipes and projects on our social media pages too. I can't thank y'all enough for making this party as successful as it has been!

Even though we won't be hosting Freedom Fridays anymore, I still love to share great stuff from around bloggy land! Please, feel free to drop links on my Facebook page! Although I cannot guarantee shares, I do pull links from there from time to time.

If you don't already like us on Facebook, I would love for you to follow us - you can even do it right here:

So let's give it one last go ..... the last Freedom Fridays party.

Love Bakes Good Cakes has teamed up with My Turn for us to bring you the best "no rules" party around! We try to promote as many links as we can on social media - to bring more exposure to all of your projects!

Let's check out this week's features:


Features - Top to bottom

MOST VIEWED - Ruth's Ding Dong Cake from Cooking with Carlee
Grilled Shrimp Tacos from Cooking with Curls
Easy Sharpie Tie Dye T-Shirt from Meatloaf and Melodrama
Chocolate Avocado Pudding from To Simply Inspire
DIY Wooden Firecrackers from Hoosier Homemade
Barbecue Chicken Nachos from Two Twenty One
DIY Barn Wood Shelves from Chatfield Court

Let's Party!

Disclaimer: By submitting a link to this party, you are allowing authorization for your projects to be shared and/or featured on social media and our blogs. All features will be linked directly back to the original site. Any links shared will either link directly to your post or it will link back to the party and your corresponding number in the party.

Please note: The party goes live at 8:30 pm EST/5:30 pm PST Thursday evening.

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  1. I'm so sad to hear you guys are shutting down Freedom Fridays! It is really one of the best link parties out there! Thank you for sharing my posts on your Facebook. It always brought my stats way up! I completely understand the need to take care of yourself and watch your family grow. My heart goes out to you in all your future endeavors! Best wishes!

  2. Wow, Jaime. Hugs to both you and Evelyn -- hope everything's fine, but I can completely understand. Hope to see you around, and thanks for the feature! :)

  3. Hi Jamie,
    I have enjoyed your parties from the very beginning as single parties then after you merged the two parties. What a special honor it has been to be featured many times on your parties and I thank you kindly for that along with giving us many special parties! My very best wishes to you and I will hope to continue to see you in bloggerland!!
    Miz Helen

  4. Thanks for the party! So sorry to hear that that it's coming to an end. I've certainly appreciated the shares you've given my posts. Best wishes to you. xo

  5. Thank you so much for all you've done with this party every week. I have really enjoyed coming here and linking up! I understand completely. Take care of yourself and enjoy your family while they're still little!

  6. I am so bummed, this was one of my absolute favorite parties...but I totally understand. Thanks so much for all the awesome facebook shares and one last feature for the road, lol

  7. I'll miss your party but I totally get it! All good things must come to an end :)

  8. I'd like to thank you both as well. I hope you get to enjoy a little downtime and all is well. Thanks for featuring Ruth's Ding Dong Cake and thanks for the last party. I'll try to enjoy it a little more than normal!

  9. I'll miss the party but man do I get it. I've been feeling so burnt out with all my to-do's mostly blog related lately. Hope you get more time just being mom a bit thanks for all the features and fun!

  10. Jamie, thank you so much for hosting the party for so long. I will miss it!!! It is so important to take care of yourself and focus on your family, I know how quickly those precious years fly by. Thank you for everything and hugs!!!!

  11. Thank you both for hosting this incredible party and for sharing our posts. Take the time you need for you! :)

  12. Oh how I hate to see this hop go, it's one of my favorites! But you've got to prioritize and family comes first! Take care of yourself & your family & the rest will work itself out. Looks like there are lots of good contributions to honor your last party this week, can't wait to dig in. I'm sharing: Our Beginning Beekeeping Series - Inspecting The Hives; and An Awesome, Light, Fluffy Sandwich Bread Recipe; and finally An Easy (and BEAUTIFUL) Window Treatment By Adding Lace Directly To The Glass! Love the hop, thanks for hosting.

    ~Taylor-Made Homestead~

  13. Thanks for the party! It was good while it lasted. :) Hope you have more time to take care of yourself and your family, and hope to see you around! :)

  14. Thank you for hosting the party, Jamie, all the best to you xx Fiona

  15. Oh this is a bummer to hear, I always find good content at your parties! And thank you for sharing my posts on your Facebook page!! Thank You!

  16. Aww Jamie, I'm so sorry to see this fun party go. I hope that everything will work out for you healthwise. I wish you all the best in your blogging future. Thanks for all of those wonderful blog parties. :) Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  17. Jamie I am going to miss your party every week. I totally understand....I have had to step back on my blog and make some of the decisions you are making. I watch you closely on facebook and will enjoy seeing your updates. May the Lord bless you and keep you close in His heart.

  18. I am so sorry to see that there will be no more parties! But I totally understand, I hope you are doing better and taking care of yourself. Much love Nettie XXOO


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