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Friday, March 20, 2015

Six Easter Dinner Tips with HoneyBaked Ham

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HoneyBaked Ham.

Easter is early this year! I'm sharing six of my favorite Easter dinner tips and I will show you how HoneyBaked Ham offers a variety of easy and delicious Easter meal solutions. #HoneyBakedEaster

HoneyBaked Ham offers a variety of easy and delicious Easter meal solutions. #HoneyBakedEaster

Have you started thinking about your plans for Easter yet? Easter is early this year (April 5th), and I am trying to get everything in order ahead of time! I don't know about you, but I hate that "last minute rush' feeling. Over the years, I have found a few tips that help me deal with any holiday ...

HoneyBaked Ham offers a variety of easy and delicious Easter meal solutions. #HoneyBakedEaster

1. KISS. Keep It Simple, Silly! It has been said, genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple. Maybe you have also heard the saying that sometimes less is more. These are great words to remember at Easter (or any holiday!). A nice dinner doesn't need to be over the top ridiculous to be memorable.

2. Simple decorations. If you decorate for Easter, use a few items you already have on hand. A simple flower bouquet works nicely too if you don't have many decorations or are looking for a fresh Spring look. This year, I want to plant wheatgrass in a container. It is so simple, yet looks so sophisticated! Plus, I can give my homeschooled kiddos a little lesson on plant life cycles in the process! My bloggy friend Leigh Ann over at Your Homebased Mom has an awesome post about it!

3. Keep the kiddos in mind. I have young children and I know how they like to be underfoot. I try to keep a few things on hand to keep them entertained while I prepare and set out the stuff for dinner. Plain white paper and crayons can work wonders! I can often find cheap Easter stamps or stickers for the kids to put on paper too. They're usually in the section with the Easter basket stuff. Another weapon in my kid-entertaining arsenal is regular ol' balloons! We play a game where the kids have to keep bouncing the balloons into the air with their hands and they can't let them touch the ground! I also like to show them the static trick by taking the balloon and rubbing it on their head and sticking it to the wall! Seriously, HOURS of entertainment! And, it works other times even if it's not a holiday! ;)

HoneyBaked Ham offers a variety of easy and delicious Easter meal solutions. #HoneyBakedEaster

4. Don't be afraid to cut corners. Let's face it, dinner will be over in 15 minutes. You could spend hours and hours preparing and cooking, then cleaning up after. You could. Personally, I love serving HoneyBaked Ham for Easter dinner! It has become a tradition for us! With HoneyBaked Ham, I know I am getting a delicious and quality product. And, it's simple and easy to prepare!

Since 1957, HoneyBaked has been known for the most flavorful, moist and tender Ham you’ll find anywhere, finished with its signature sweet, crunchy glaze. Each HoneyBaked Ham is slow-smoked for more than twenty hours for unparalleled tenderness. Finally, each Ham is hand-glazed in each store for an incredible taste that’s second to none. It comes spiral-sliced and ready to serve, making it as easy as it is delicious. HoneyBaked offers premium products that are convenient and simple-to-serve. And, it's Gluten Free!

If your guests prefer turkey, be sure to try HoneyBaked Ham's Turkey Breast! HoneyBaked Ham Turkey Breast is trimmed by hand, perfecting the wholesome flavor and goodness of tender 100% breast meat, carefully seasoned, then fire-glazed to perfection with our one-of-a-kind sweet, crunchy glaze. Available Smoked or Roasted, and sliced for your convenience. Also Gluten Free!

While I often get a little help from my local HoneyBaked Ham with the Ham and a few sides, I also love to include a few family favorites. For my family, it's not Easter without the Pistachio Salad! And don't forget the Butter Rolls! I usually have a few simple finger foods for pre-dinner munchies. Deviled Eggs and a veggie tray with dip are great options! When my guests ask if they can bring anything, I often suggest they bring a family favorite side dish or dessert.

5. Consider serving dinner "buffet style." We have a large family and often use several tables inside and outside to accommodate all of our guests. Arizona weather is great for outdoor entertaining, y'all! It is not practical for us to host a traditional formal dinner. We have found it easiest to set up a table with all of the food, plates, silverware, napkins and hand sanitizer so everyone can help themselves and come back for seconds if they want.

6. Relax and enjoy! Above all, relax and enjoy the time with family and friends. In the end, it's all about sharing memories with loved ones.

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HoneyBaked Ham offers a variety of easy and delicious Easter meal solutions. #HoneyBakedEaster

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