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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Make Mom Feel Pampered with this Mother's Day Gift Basket!

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Make Mother's Day memorable with this fun gift basket that is brimming with stuff Mom will love! This gift basket contains an assortment of things to make Mom feel pampered!

Mother's Day Gift Basket #WicklessWonders #Ad

With time flying by, it's never too early to start thinking about Mother's Day! It will be here before we know it! Truthfully, Mother's Day is a very bittersweet day for me since I don't really have a relationship with my own mother. However, my kiddos think I'm the next best thing to sliced bread .... they always want to make me breakfast in bed and they usually get me a card with a small gift. This year, Brian's mom will be coming out to Phoenix for Mother's Day and I wanted to be sure to get her a few things I know she will love!

Mother's Day Gift Basket with Edison Warmers#WicklessWonders #Ad

If you were to visit my house, there are three things you could be sure of ....

  • There's always a pot of coffee on. 
  • I always have some kind of treats on hand.
  • My house always smells good!

Edison Wax Warmer

I have had visitors to my home compliment me and ask me what it is they smell since they can't find any candles burning and the smell is not always the same. They are always so shocked to find out my secret ....

Mother's Day Gift Basket #WicklessWonders #Ad

I'm going to let y'all in on my little secret! I love the ScentSationals wax cubes and almost every single time I'm at Walmart, I pick up a fragrance or two! There are so many fragrance choices, it's hard to not want them all!

Mother's Day Gift Basket with Edison Warmers#WicklessWonders #Ad

Of course, you have to have a warmer to melt the wax! Since my mother-in-law loves how the ScentSationals wax cubes make my house smell, I knew I wanted to get her some for her own home! With Mother's Day coming, I had to create a basket! I saw this cute Edison Wax Warmer at Walmart and just had to get it for her! I got one for myself too since it goes so well with my Americana stuff! This particular style of the Edison Wax Warmer is called "Nautical". It reminds me of days gone by. Not only is it practical for melting wax, but it's pretty to look at! It also doubles as a soft light in the evenings! There were some really cute ScentSationals Wax Warmers at Walmart too! As a matter of fact, Edison Warmers are a NEW product line from Scentsationals! The next time you're at Walmart, take a look - there is a warmer to fit any decor and style!

Mother's Day Gift Basket with Edison Warmers#WicklessWonders #Ad

With the Edison Wax Warmers, I love that they provide immediate fragrance release and they are safe, clean, and stylish! Current trends in lighting are making vintage the new chic with beautiful, Thomas Edison-inspired light bulbs. These bulbs, with their soft, warm glow and beautiful, nostalgic shape are the inspiration for this line of warmers. The light itself is masterfully incorporated as a design element in this elegant line of Edison Wax Warmers by ScentSationals. Elegance and innovation come together to create an entirely new way to bring fragrance into the home while adding a touch of vintage charm.

ScentSationals leads the market in innovation, style and value. Each design is hand-made and individually inspired. They also offer superior quality wax that is made in the USA. They use expert execution of Pantone and CSI color matching for waxes and the waxes include a proprietary wax blend that is designed to hold optimal fragrance loads. With contiguous market research, they are sure to provide on-trend, well-rounded fragrance programs.

Mother's Day Gift Basket with Edison Warmers#WicklessWonders #Ad

Obviously, the Edison Wax Warmer is the star of the gift basket. I rounded out this fun Mother's Day Gift Basket with a few other things I found at Walmart! I wanted to find things that would be calming and relaxing for my mother in law.

Let's break down the gift basket .....

First, of all, did you see that the basket is actually a beverage stand?! I thought it would make a great basket and it's something my mother in law can continue to use long after the basket is gone! Don't be afraid to think outside of the box (literally) when it comes to finding your basket!

I also included a magazine that I know she will love and I am getting her a year subscription for it. There is also a crossword book with a new pen. Some of the other things in the basket: fuzzy socks, a fun color of nail polish, lotion, face mask, bubble bath, a few bright nail files, CD with relaxing music, chocolate, and a coffee gift card. Of course, I found a few of the ScentSationals wax cubes in scents I thought she would enjoy! Since this is the "Nautical" model of Edison Wax Warmers, I went with nautical sounding scents! That's just how my mind works! ;)

Mother's Day Gift Basket with Edison Warmers#WicklessWonders #Ad

We'll also be taking my mother-in-law out for lunch and we may see if there is a place she can get a mani-pedi closer to where she lives. Not only is this a gift basket my mother-in-law will love, but it's a gift basket any mom would love!

As with any product, please read and follow the manufacturers instructions!

I've shared with you how I plan on using this new Edison Wax Warmer, where in your home would you get the most use?

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  1. I know my mother would love to have a basket like this- she was always burning candles when I was growing up but hated the scent of a candle that had just been put out- problem solved! #client

  2. Sweet!! What a great gift!!


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