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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chocolate Mint Donuts

My normal breakfast consists of toast and coffee.  Occasionally, I'll have leftover rice with scrambled eggs.  Boring, I know.  Probably not the healthiest way to start the day off either, but I'm not really a breakfast eater ... except on the weekends.  Even then, I think it's more about eating with my family and spending time together.  I think the Mister and kiddos look forward to weekend breakfasts too.  

 A few months ago, I really wanted a donut pan and my husband was nice enough to get me two of them.  We tried a few recipes and they were all good ... but this one blew them all out of the water.  If loving a donut is wrong, well, then I'm wrong.  ;)  The folks over at insidebrucrewlife really know a thing or two about making Chocolate Mint Donuts!  Seriously, these are perfect ... minty and chocolaty ..... "cakey" and delish!  The only reason I subbed Mint Chocolate Chips was to avoid making an "extra stop" for one item.  I just don't have the time patience to drag four kids into a store for one thing if I can avoid it.

If you're ever wanting to make donuts, make these!  Make the extra trip for fudge mint cups if you wanna, or just use regular ol' mint chocolate chips.  Either way, be prepared to fall in love!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Macaroni Salad

Macaroni Salad - the perfect side dish for Summer! Great for potlucks! #sidedish #pasta #salad

Macaroni Salad - the perfect side dish for Summer! Great for potlucks! #sidedish #pasta #salad

I have to admit, when I was younger, I didn't like any kind of macaroni salad, potato salad or coleslaw.  Weird, I know.  Man, oh, man ... I had no idea what I was missing!  In my much wiser adult years, I enjoy these salads ... especially in the summer. There's just something about a cold salad ... especially macaroni salad!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


It's almost the weekend ... Thank the Lord!  Saturday is usually the day my husband and I have our date night (sometimes we stay in, other times we get out). Not gonna happen this weekend I'm afraid.  This Saturday will be extremely busy ... it will be on the verge of chaos.  Moving day - a necessary evil.  We need the space in the new house, but it's just getting all our stuff there!  There's the sorting ... the packing ... the unpacking ... the resorting ... finding new homes for all your "stuff" ... this is the time I wish I could be like Samantha on "Bewitched" ... just wiggle my nose, and poof!, it's all done.  A girl can wish, right?!?  

After this weekend, I may need something to help me smile ...

Snickerdoodles are one of my favorite cookies ... the name alone makes me smile!  These little gems are nice and soft ... reminiscent of a sugar cookie ... but a little bit spunkier!  I love the smell as they bake - apparently, so do my children  :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Tastes Like Summer Fruit Salad

This has been a weird "winter".  At least in this area of the country, winter seems to have skipped us.  Believe me, I am not complaining either!  I do not get along with snow and cold ... those are "bad  four letter words" to me!  I always get excited about this time of year - when I start seeing the flowers returning ... the birds chirping ... the grass starting to grow ... the springtime rain showers ... I just love it!  I'm reminded of Louis Armstrong's song, "What a Wonderful World" ... and truly, I thank God for all the beauty He has given us in the world.  I also know that means summertime is creeping up on us and all the great things that go with it - like picnics, barbecues and trips to the beach!  One of my favorite side dishes is fruit salad.  It's like summertime for your mouth.  The great thing about it is, you can change up the fruits to what you have on hand or to your family's taste.