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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to get a custom signature for your blog posts (For Blogger)

I have to admit, I'm still learning about all of this blogging business. Some things have come easy for me ... other things not so much! I figured out how to add a signature pretty easily, I thought. When I didn't know any better, I painstakingly added the HTML for my signature on every. single. post. every. single. time. **Insert me banging my head on the wall repeatedly** I thought there had to be a better, easier way! I'm gonna share that better, easier way! It is so simple ... You can do it, too! (Hopefully, this will spare you from banging your head on the wall!)

It's easy to use a program like My Live Signature to create your own personal signature to sign your blog. Here is a step-by-step tutorial! Click the pictures if you need to "see" an example of what the screen will look like or where to click.

Go to My Live Signature. Choose Proceed, Log-In or Register. (I used proceed for this tutorial. I registered for my actual blog signature - in case I ever need it again, I can retrieve it!) Select "Using the signature creation wizard". 

Fill in the "Enter the name" box with whatever you want your signature to say. For this tutorial, I used "Example Signature", for my blog, I used "Be Blessed ~ Jamie". Click "next step".

Using the number ranges at the top, scroll through until you find a font you like. I used #100 for this tutorial and #91 for my actual blog signature. When you find the one you like, click the corresponding bubble and then click "next step".

Select the corresponding bubble on the size you want your signature to be. I used #5 for both the tutorial and my blog. Click "next step".

If you want a different color lettering or background, enter your Hex Codes or find a color you like (click the box and a color window will appear). When you are satisfied with your selection, click "next step".

Next, select the bubble of the corresponding slope you want for your signature. I chose #1 for this tutorial and my blog ... I like things nice, even and straight! :) Pick whatever suits you! After you have made your selection, click "next step".

Select "Want to use this signature?", a new tab will open. 

Select "Generate HTML code".

Select "Generate a code for my handwritten signature".

Highlight and copy the code.

Go to your Blogger dashboard. Click "Settings". Click "Posts and Comments". Paste your code in the "Post Template" box. **If you want your signature centered on your blog, like mine, enter <center> before the html code and </center> after the html code.** SAVE your changes! 

Now, when you write a new post, you should see your brand new signature!

There are also other options on My Live Signature ... You can scan an image if you'd like, use a personal font, even write out your actual signature. Feel free to play around ... Make it yours!

Of course, you can always host your signature/picture at a site like PhotoBucket or use a different signature creator online and use the same method - copying the HTML code into your "Post Template" box. Feel free to use whatever programs you like to get the signature or picture you want ... then just plug in the HTML! Technically, you could put anything you want to have on every post here - your linky party buttons, a message to your readers ... anything!

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful! By no means am I an expert, but I will try to answer any questions you may have.

Just a side note, Blogger has added the option to give your new posts a Permalink. When you are writing your post, click Permalink under where you schedule your posts and enter what you would like it to be!

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I have enjoyed building my blog by just "bumbling along" on my own, but it has been the generous help of other women that has allowed me to add nice finishing touches like this to my work. I will eventually get to doing this by following your excellent tutorial! Thanks again!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I've done my fair share of "bumbling along" :) Hope this helps you!

  2. Thank you. I found you through Michelles tasty Creations. The background on your blog is so cute.

  3. I need to do this. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm hosting a linky party "One Creative Weekend" at I'd love for you to visit and link up this idea and/or anything else you'd like to share.

  4. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing with us at Link It UP Thursday.

  5. Hi Jamie, I read this post in July but I haven't had the time to do this. I'm finally going to get to this and hopefully get it up and running.

    You have made amazing strides with your blog and it's certainly very inspiring. Thank you so much.



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